About the Founder
Arlene Ortiz , CEO Of Connection to the nations LLC,
Exposiciòn de Historia Arte y cultura Puertorriqueña LLC,
Hispanic Multicultural Historical Society LLC She is a Historian

and collector of documents, coins, artifacts , photos and Antiques

and much more.

She is a winner of diverse Awards in Jacksonville and Puerto Rico.
She born in Puerto Rico and Married to Carlos Ortiz in 1987
they have a Son Krystian Ortiz Vidal, 2 daughters Charlene

Ortiz Vidal and Krysti Ortiz Vidal.

Arlene is a Military Veteran wife and mother
She is a missionary and a community outreach coordinator.
She was the founder of Florida Star light Magazine
and She was a Founder of Jax Community Fair.

She is part of the board of Jacksonville Community council.

And Help with some programs with HOPE with Mayo Clinic .